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Houston Barbecue Joints By The Numbers

Because who hasn't wondered how many tons of beef are served each week?

The Brisket House's pit stays stocked full.
The Brisket House's pit stays stocked full.
Katy Norris [EHOU]

At this point, you're probably well aware that this city goes through a great deal of meat, thanks in large part to Houston's barbecue establishments. At some of the city's finer smokehouses, it isn't uncommon to see pitmasters churning out over a ton of brisket every week.

If you've ever wondered exactly how much meat your favorite barbecue spot goes through each week, Eater's got you covered. From gallons of barbecue sauce to bushels of potatoes, one thing's for sure – the barbecue business is booming in Houston.

Killen's Barbecue

A meat tray with brisket, sausage, a beef rib, and pork ribs, surrounded by sides, including mac and cheese, creamed corn, beans, barbecue sauce, and trays of jalapenos and onions. Kimberly Park

  • Pounds of brisket: 2,850
  • Pounds of beef ribs: 1,300 to 1,500
  • Bushels of corn: 15
  • Gallons of barbecue sauce: 100
  • Pounds of beef rib plates (with two sides): 2,100 to 2,400


roegel's barbecue co.

  • Gallons of mac and cheese: 28
  • Pounds of sliced brisket: 1,050
  • Whole turkey breasts: 28
  • Pounds of link sausage: 30 to 40
  • Pounds of Thursday’s pastrami: 40

Pappa Charlies

  • Pounds of boudin links: 90
  • Pounds of cabbage for spicy slaw: 120
  • Pounds of pork ribs: 240
  • Gallons of barbecue sauce: 18
  • Meat & side plates: 625

Image credit: Pappa Charlie's/Facebook


  • Slabs of ribs: 345
  • Pounds of sausage: 180
  • Pounds of brisket: 450
  • Gallons of barbecue sauce: 70 to 75
  • Slices of pecan pie: 105

Image credit: Katy Norris/EHOU

Gatlin's BBQ

  • Pounds of venison sausage: 201
  • Pounds of ribs: 1200
  • Number of Kitchen Sink sandwiches: 36
  • Pounds of smoked & sauced wings: 240
  • Pounds of onions for the condiment bar: 300

Image credit: Katy Norris/EHOU

The Brisket House

  • 1-pound Specials: 120-150
  • Wayne’s PB&J sandwiches: 400 to 450
  • Bushels of baked potatoes: 1200 to 1250
  • Pounds of country style sausage: 450 to 500
  • Half chickens: 675

Image credit: Katy Norris/EHOU

Corkscrew BBQ

  • Pounds of pulled pork: 500
  • Pounds of pork ribs: 400
  • Gallons of green chile ranch: 10
  • Loaded baked potatoes: 200
  • Whole Hog sandwiches: 100

Image credit: Katy Norris/EHOU