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Brookstreet Bar-B-Que Brings Drive-Thru Smoked Meats To Montrose Next Week

You don't even have to leave your car!

Brookstreet's newest location is decidedly snazzier.
Brookstreet's newest location is decidedly snazzier.
Brookstreet Bar-B-Que
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It is, of course, Barbecue Week, which means that Eater Houston has been laser-focused on scoping out some of the city’s best purveyors of brisket, sausage, and ribs. With absolute perfect timing, Brookstreet Bar-B-Que is officially throwing its hat into the ring.

CultureMap Houston reports that Brookstreet Bar-B-Que will soon – and finally – open its doors in Montrose. The latest outpost of Brookstreet will occupy an old limestone house on Montrose Avenue, and will only have room for “limited” indoor seating. Fortunately, diners will be able to grab barbecue to go via a drive-thru window.

The restaurant will feature all the fixtures of Texas barbecue (brisket, ribs, two kinds of sausage) along with a few surprising additions. Gigantic beef ribs will be served on Saturdays, and you can expect for Wagyu briskets to occasionally grace the specials board. If you’re a fan of Brookstreet’s burger, though, you’ll want to stick to the restaurant’s other locations as it won’t make the Montrose menu.

If you haven't already eaten your weight in smoked meats, prepare to head to Brookstreet Bar-B-Que when it starts smoking next week.