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Hotel Derek's Revolve Kitchen + Bar Has A Brand New Executive Chef

Chef Eric McClanahan brings nearly 15 years of experience to the swanky hotel

Chef Eric McClanahan really knows how to wield a knife
Chef Eric McClanahan really knows how to wield a knife
Julie Soefer Photography
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After quite the exhaustive search, swanky Hotel Derek has officially hired an executive chef to lead the hotel’s culinary direction.

According to the hotel, new executive chef Eric McClanahan comes to Hotel Derek from Cru Wine Bar, and has also worked in the kitchens at 1252 Tapas bar and Kirby Steakhouse. A graduate of Denver’s Cook Street School of Fine Cooking, McClanahan describes his cooking style as “traditional but playful,” inspired by his experience in a wide-ranging variety of cuisines and restaurants.

“All my dishes are elevated and presentation is something that is very important to me but I want it to be approachable enough to be enjoyed by my family,” says McClanahan. “I like when you can taste what you are eating. Resisting temptation to overdo it is key.”

McClanahan will oversee the restaurant’s in room dining program, private events, and of course, Revolve Kitchen + Bar, where he recently launched a brand new menu.