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Over The Weekend, A Car Crashed Into The Front Of Los Cucos Mexican Cafe In Katy

The front door is not a drive-thru

This facade doesn't look quite the same anymore.
This facade doesn't look quite the same anymore.
Los Cucos Mexican Cafe
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It’s not every day that you’re enjoying a quick plate of tacos or enchiladas at a neighborhood Tex-Mex restaurant when a luxury car comes flying through the dining room, but that’s exactly what happened at a Katy outpost of Los Cucos Mexican Cafe this weekend.

On Sunday, Brian Varvel was dining at Los Cucos with his family when a BMW plowed through the front of the restaurant. According to Varvel’s Facebook post, he was sitting directly in the path of the car, but was able to jump out of the way before being injured.

No one else inside the restaurant was seriously hurt, though the post does say that an ambulance arrived to attend to the driver of the vehicle.

Scope out photos of the damage below:

Eater Houston has reached out to Los Cucos for more details on the damage to the restaurant and a timeline for repair, and will update this post with any new information.