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Kitchen 713 Will Close As It Looks For A New Home

This Houston fave is ready to stretch its hypothetical legs

You'll have to wait a while for these killer shrimp & grits
You'll have to wait a while for these killer shrimp & grits
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If you’re a fan of Kitchen 713, the excellent Asian-influenced southern spot on Canal St., you’re going to want to sit down for this one – as of today, the restaurant has officially closed its doors.

At least for now. As of today, Kitchen 713 will close as it expands its search for a brand new location. “To expedite the move, we will be closing Kitchen 713’s present location,” reads a statement. “We will be moving to a location where we will be able to provide a full bar program and expanded menu, allowing for the full expression of Kitchen 713’s uniquely syncretic vision.”

For those not sitting next to a dictionary, “syncretic” is a reference to the concept’s unique blend of Asian and Southern cuisines. The more you know!

Kitchen 713 will officially close its doors on June 22. Stay tuned for more updates on this Houston favorite’s big move.