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The Durham House Will Shutter This Weekend, But It Could Soon Be Back

Well, sort of.

See ya later, Durham House
See ya later, Durham House

Just shy of one year after opening, Durham House in the Heights will officially close its doors this weekend. Fortunately, though, it appears that not all hope is lost for the fledgling concept.

According to the Houston Press, Durham House chef Mike McElroy will leave Houston for “personal reasons.” In light of his departure, owner Raj Natarajan Jr. has decided to shutter the restaurant concept. Things haven’t exactly been easy for Durham House  – just a few months ago, Chef Don Schoenburg vacated his post.

But, because Natarajan has a long-term lease on the building, he doesn’t plan to let it go to waste. “The food that’s come to define the Durham House comes from Mike,” Natarajan told the Houston Chronicle. “The quality of his cuisine has come to define us, I don’t want to run the concept without him.”

As such, the building will soon host pop-up dinners from some of Houston’s best chefs, expected to begin in August. In the meantime, Natarajan will focus on opening an as-yet-unnamed concept set to open this fall.

The Durham House will close Saturday, June 25, which means you’ll want to make a reservation for this evening for your last chance to experience this little restaurant that could.

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