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Drizzy Drake Sips Crown Royal, Drops Big Tips This Weekend in Houston

The rapper was spotted at North Italia

Exterior of North Italia in Houston's BLVD Place
Drake’s new Houston fave
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Perhaps Drake had to come check out Houston before he heads to Space City in September for a two-night stand at the Toyota Center, or maybe he’s just a huge fan of antipasti. Either way, a hawk-eyed Instagram user snagged a video of the rapper at North Italia on Saturday night.

Snagged by Instagrammer Brandon Jay, the short clip shows Drake leaving North Italia on Saturday evening. A call to North Italia confirms that Drake showed up with his entourage around 6 p.m., apparently in town for rehearsals of some kind. A North Italia manager tells Eater that while there, Drake ordered a "smorgasbord" of appetizers, several pasta dishes, and a few craft cocktails.

When Drake comes to eat in your part of town.. #drake #northitalia #uptown #houston #htown

A video posted by B R A N D O N - J A Y (@hey_brandonjay) on

In case you were curious, Drake imbibed Crown Royal with a chaser of peach schnapps, red sangria, and North Italia’s Dimmi Bravo cocktail, mixed with raspberry limoncello, Dimmi Liquore di Milano, and Mediterranean tonic. Also important: Drake is apparently an excellent tipper.

Nicely done, Drizzy.

It would appear that Drake really enjoyed the food at North Italia, as the manager also said that he’d also made a reservation at the restaurant for Sunday night. Alas, he was forced to miss out on all that pasta as he had a rehearsal to attend and wouldn’t have time to eat first.

When Drake returns for those shows on September 3 and 4, you might want to stake out the front doors of North Italia if you’re trying to catch a glimpse.