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Lee’s Creamery Is Now Scooping Up Donut Ice Cream Sandwiches In The Heights

This is very good news

The Donut Double Scoop Sandwich, pictured with vanilla bean.
The Donut Double Scoop Sandwich, pictured with vanilla bean.
Lee’s Creamery

If there’s one thing you can count on Houston restaurateur Lee Ellis for, it’s excellent comfort food. He’s already conquered fried chicken and donuts and Texas comfort food (among others), and now Ellis will bring a decidedly sweet new offering into the fold at his Cherry Pie Hospitality group.

Announced via release, Lee’s Creamery has officially debuted inside Lee’s Fried Chicken & Donuts in the Heights. The new offering will feature more than fifty flavors – eight at a time – of ice cream, including strawberry cheesecake, bourbon bacon marmalade, and Mexican chocolate.

"Ice cream is my all-time favorite, go-to dessert. I’ve always wanted to develop an ice cream line and found the perfect ingredients to help me make this super rich, velvety ice cream," said Ellis in a statement. Chief among those top-notch ingredients is milk sourced from grass-fed cows at Gramen Farms in Tomball.

Most excitingly, Lee’s will serve ice cream by the scoop in addition to the Donut Double Scoop Ice Cream Sandwich. This nap-inducing carbfest involves two hearty scoops of Lee’s homemade ice cream sandwiched in between two of those killer glazed donuts.

For now, you can score ice cream from Lee’s Creamery at Lee’s Fried Chicken & Donuts, but look for a small counter to debut at Petite Sweets in the coming weeks. You’ll also be able to reserve Lee’s Creamery’s very own ice cream cart for private events and parties.

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