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Midtown Pan-Asian Eatery Tarakaan Shutters

The restaurant was open less than a year

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Less than a year after opening in Midtown, pan-Asian restaurant and lounge Tarakaan has shut its doors. As the Houston Chronicle reports, the restaurant recently updated its Facebook page status to "permanently closed." No statement was provided.

Tarakaan debuted in September touting a high-end Asian-style cuisine and a full bar. However, the concept would undergo several revamps during its brief tenure on Main Street. In February, the kitchen was closed and all resources were refocused on the bar. In a statement ownership told Eater that the change was a financial decision based on "customer preferences and the direction of sales." Then, just a few weeks later, the menu returned with assistance from a catering company that developed a sushi menu for the establishment.

Despite its struggles, Tarakaan won favor with critics and diners and maintained a respectable — though unremarkable — three and a half stars on Yelp. No word on what will replace the Midtown restaurant.


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