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B&B Butchers Is One Of Only 9 U.S. Restaurants To Earn Coveted Kobe Beef Certification

Their beef is the real deal.

B&B Butchers and Restaurant
B&B Butchers and Restaurant

Pretty much restaurant you visit these days will tell you that they’re serving up pricey Kobe beef, but that probably isn’t true in most cases. Unlike Wagyu beef (called "American Kobe"), a rigorous certification process is required for restaurants to sell the real deal from Japan.

Announced via release, B&B Butchers is the latest American restaurant to receive certification to sell "100% authentic, A5 certified Kobe Beef from 100% Tajima cattle" from the Kobe Beef Association in Japan. B&B Butchers is one of only nine U.S. restaurants to earn this incredibly coveted certification. Only 400 pounds of Kobe beef are shipped to the U.S. each month, and is only available to those nine certified restaurants.

At least now, you know when you’re heading to B&B Butchers, that pricey steak is actually (certifiably!) the real deal.

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