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Ronnie Killen Challenges Disgruntled Reviewer to a $10,000 Cook-Off

He’s that confident

Killen's Burgers
Think you can best this Pearland fave?
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If you find yourself underwhelmed with the burger options at Killen’s Burgers in Pearland, it might be best to keep your thoughts to yourself lest you want to end up in a face-to-face showdown with one of Houston’s most talented chefs.

CultureMap reports that Killen’s owner Ronnie Killen has bet $10,000 that he can prepare a better-tasting burger than a Facebook user who left a one-star review of Killen’s wares on Facebook. In the less-than-favorable review, Zachary Vicknair alleges that Killen "relaunched" his Facebook page in order to boost the restaurant’s reviews.

In response, Killen issued a challenge of $1,000, which he upped to $10k in a private message. "Anytime you would like to throw down food, we could see how much better your home cooking is to my basic cooking," Killen replied publicly. "$1,000 of my dollars to $10 of yours. Winner take all."

No word yet on whether or not the disgruntled reviewer plans to take Killen up on his offer of a burger challenge, but if you’re planning to come for Houston’s undisputed king of meat, you best not miss.

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