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Relish Fine Foods Will Shutter August 20 To Make Way For Its Bigger, Better River Oaks Home

It’s time for a serious upgrade

Relish Restaurant & Bar
The future home of Relish Restaurant & Bar
Relish Restaurant & Bar/Facebook
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It’s long been known that Relish Fine Foods would, eventually, transform into a brand new spot. Earlier this year, the concept announced that it would open Relish Restaurant & Bar in River Oaks. To do that, they’ll have to shutter the original.

CultureMap reports that Relish Fine Foods will close this month to make way for Relish Restaurant & Bar. The new concept will open in the space formerly occupied by The Bird & The Bear, smack-dab in River Oaks, arguably the city’s hottest new dining district.

Describing the spot as the “antithesis of trendy,” you won’t find any avocado toasts or other of-the-moment fare. Instead, look forward to casual dishes like sandwiches, eggs benedict, and chicken & waffles served from a counter. At night, the restaurant will offer full-service for “simply prepared proteins” like rotisserie chicken.

Renovations are currently underway to transform The Bird & The Bear into Relish Restaurant & Bar. No concrete opening date has yet been set for the new concept, but Relish Fine Foods will close its doors on August 20.

Adios Relish Fine Foods and hola Relish Restaurant & Bar in the heart of River Oaks [CultureMap]