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After Rio, Olympic Gold Medalist Simone Manuel Is Craving A Shipley Do-Nut

All that winning worked up an appetite

Shipley Donuts
An obvious choice for any Houstonian.

For the past week, Houston’s own Simone Manuel has been kicking ass in Rio. The Clutch City native took home four medals at the 2016 Summer Games, and arrived back home today.

When she got here, there was only one thing on her mind — a fluffy and light doughnut from Shipley Do-Nuts. The Houston Chronicle reports that Manuel arrived at George Bush International Airport this morning, where she was greeted with a hero’s welcome and plenty of questions about what she missed most about her hometown.

Her mom’s home cooking came in first, but those perfect rounds of fried dough at Shipley were a close second. Of course, she also uttered those eight words that any true Texan feels upon leaving the state: "I'm just happy to be back in Texas."

Manuel heads back to Stanford University in the fall. In the meantime, here’s hoping that she gets to eat as many donuts as she damn well pleases.

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