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F.E.E.D. TX Will Shutter BRC Gastropub To Focus On Liberty Kitchen

The spot hasn’t seen quite the same success as its sister concept

Big Red Cock
Farewell, big red cock.
BRC Gastropub/Facebook
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The past few years have been pretty great for the folks at F.E.E.D. TX. The success of Liberty Kitchen has been incredible, resulting in expansions both in and outside of Houston. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for BRC Gastropub.

The Houston Press reports that the cheekily-named restaurant at 519 Shepherd will close its doors so that the restaurant group can focus on running – and perhaps growing – the Liberty Kitchen concept. In a statement provided to the Press, BRC Gastropub will be converted into a space for catering and private events.

When it debuted in 2011, BRC Gastropub was highly anticipated. Unfortunately, the food didn’t seem to be quite up to snuff. If you’ll remember, Houston Chronicle food critic Alison Cook was “banned” from the restaurant after a less-than-glowing review, and former Press critic Katharine Shilcutt was equally underwhelmed with the spot.

BRC Gastropub held its last night of service on Wednesday. In brighter news, the Liberty Kitchen outpost at MetroNational Treehouse is still on track to open “soon.”