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Xela Coffee Roasters Pays Homage To DJ Screw With Cold Brew In Cough Syrup Bottles

Isn’t it ironic?

Screwston Cold Brew Coffee
Screwston is forever immortalized by coffee.
Xela Coffee Roasters/Instagram

The musical legacy of DJ Screw, famous for popularizing the slowed-down chopped and screwed sound, will live on forever in the hearts of Houstonians. But just in case you need a more visible way to show your love for DJ Screw, Xela Coffee Roasters has you covered.

As of this month, Xela is currently selling its Screwston Cold Brew in actual cough syrup bottles that look nearly identical to the bottles of promethazine-codeine "sizzurp" preferred by DJ Screw and Paul Wall. You know, the drug that led to DJ Screw’s death of a codeine overdose in 2000.

This cold brew is, of course, totally legal and completely lacking in any psychoactive ingredients other than caffeine. According to Xela, Screwston is brewed with a combination of their seasonal coffees that are blended after roasting, which produces a "smooth, intensely sweet brew with milk chocolate tones and bright fruity accents."

For those looking for a high that’s a little less hard, score a 12 oz bottle of Screwston Cold Brew Concentrate via Xela Coffee Roasters website for $8.

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