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Cane Rosso’s Heights Outpost Was Vandalized Last Night By A Bike Riding Bad Guy

Who squirts glue into door locks?

Cane Rosso Heights
Be nice to Cane Rosso, guys.
Ellie Sharp/EHOU

It’s only been open for just a few weeks, but Cane Rosso has already been the target of two vandalism incidents. What gives, Houston?

The latest came around midnight last night, when owner Jay Jerrier spotted a bike-riding miscreant squirting glue into the restaurant’s door locks on the restaurant’s security cameras. No major damage was caused. Perhaps the vandal was feeling a little upset about the Heights’ rapid transformation over the past few years into a dining destination.

Before Cane Rosso had even opened the doors on their first Houston outpost, a similarly annoyed vandal spray painted a message – “fix the sidewalks first!” – on the restaurant’s front facade of windows. Come on, man – you can’t stop progress.

At least Jerrier can find a little bit of humor in constantly having to make silly repairs on his restaurant. “It's weird that we've been targeted by ‘bike gangs.’ The guy that spray painted our windows while we were on construction was on a bike, too,” Jerrier tells Eater. “At least they are eco-friendly vandals.”

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