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One Of Houston’s Oldest Dive Bars Will Shutter Next Week

You’ve got just over a week left to say your goodbyes to Kay’s Lounge

Kay's Lounge Houston
RIP, Kay’s Lounge
Kay’s Lounge/Facebook
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If you’ve ever spent a drunken night (or several) at Kay’s Lounge, you keenly understand this spot’s thoroughly Texas charm and its place in Houston’s boozy history. Which is why you’ll want to go say your goodbyes before it closes for ever.

Swamplot reported that the much-beloved watering hole at 2234 Bissonnet would close its doors over Labor Day weekend, a sad fact that’s confirmed by a post to the restaurant’s Facebook page. A heartfelt "thank you" all of Kay's customers for your years of loyal patronage,” reads the post. “Kay's last day of business will be September 3, 2016.”

According to the Houston Business Journal, Kay’s will close its doors after the landlord terminated the bar’s lease on August 1. The property and three nearby plots of land were purchased by a developer in 2015, though no word yet on what will become of the building that’s been there since 1939.

Last call will be held at 2 a.m. on Saturday, September 3, at which time you can pour one out for this West University legend. And perhaps talk them into selling you that famous Texas-shaped table.