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Hell’s Kitchen Winner Ja’Nell Witt Will Develop Menu For Sammy’s Steakhouse

It’s coming soon to Richmond

Chef Ja'Nell Witt
Chef Ja’Nell Witt
Sammy’s Steakhouse/Facebook

On TV’s Hell’s Kitchen, Houston’s own Ja’Nell Witt proved to Gordon Ramsey that she’s one of the best chefs in the game. Now, she’ll take that experience and her expertise to a forthcoming Richmond steakhouse.

Sammy’s Steakhouse, planned for the Long Meadow Farms development is still in the works, but the most important component is already in place: Chef Ja’Nell Witt. Via Facebook post, the forthcoming restaurant announced that Witt will consult on its menu.

For the uninitiated, Witt handily won season 11 of Gordon Ramsey’s popular cooking show, but was unable to accept her prize as the head chef at Gordon Ramsey’s Pub & Grill because she allegedly failed a drug test. Instead, she was granted a $250,000 prize and and has since been in Houston doing pop-up dinners and working with local chefs and nonprofits.

Eater has reached out to both Witt and the folks at Sammy’s Steakhouse for more details on this exciting new suburban development. Stay tuned.

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