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Pi Pizza’s Opening Has Been Pushed Back [UPDATED]

Torrential floods in Louisiana have delayed the opening

Pi Pizza
A summery offering from Pi Pizza
Pi Pizza/Facebook

There’s been no shortage of new pizza options in Houston as of late, and now a familiar face will join the party in a shiny new home — one that isn’t on wheels.

The Houston Chronicle reports that Pi Pizza is putting the finishing touches on its location at 181 Heights Blvd. A project of Houston restaurateur Lee Ellis and dough slinger Anthony Calleo, Pie Pizza’s first brick-and-mortar shop comes more than four years after Calleo first started slinging pies from his food truck.

The spot will offer appetizers, sandwiches, and salads in addition to Calleo’s pizzas. Look forward to quirkily-named pies with equally unique flavor combos, like the Sorority Girl Surprise (mozzarella & provolone, chicken, roasted jalapenos) and Funk & Circumstance (lemon-roasted cauliflower, garlic confit, taleggio).

If you’ll remember back to 2014, Pi Pizza made headlines after challenging Houstonians to get a pizza tattoo in exchange for a lifetime supply of pies. According to a post on Pi Pizza’s Facebook page, ink enthusiasts can look for a revived version of that challenge to come in October.

UPDATE: A representative for Pi Pizza owner Lee Ellis tells Eater that the restaurant will not be able to open on Monday as planned. Scope out the statement from Ellis below:

"Much of our equipment being shipped was delayed due to rain and floods in Louisiana last week. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Pi Pizza will open by the end of next week. We will not be opening Monday, August 29th. We were not able to take delivery and install all equipment needed for us to open."

We’ll keep you posted with any updates.

First look: Pi Pizza [Houston Chronicle]

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