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Myth Kafe Is Waging War On Yelp

The review site erroneously marked the restaurant as closed

And some people hate Yelp, too.

Restaurateurs and Yelp have long had a tenuous relationship. The site has been accused of manipulating its rankings in exchange for payment, and the onslaught of amateur food reviewers has certainly caused some headaches for restaurant owners. What happened to Myth Kafe, though, is decidedly worse than a few entitled Yelpers

Tweets from Myth Kafe indicate that the restaurant was erroneously marked as "closed" on Yelp after it moved from its Downtown location to the Conservatory earlier this year. In response to that error and other common Yelp complaints, owner John Virden is calling for a boycott.

Scope out Virden’s full thoughts on Yelp’s allegedly shady treatment of his restaurant below:

In an update, Virden says that Yelp has changed the status of Myth Kafe from "closed" to "open" again, and he has regained access to his Yelp business account. It appears as if that effort may be too little, too late as Virden has registered complaints with the city council, state senators, and the Texas attorney general, asking them to review Yelp’s business practices throughout the state.

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