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Blue Bell Unveils Camouflage Ice Cream, Because Texas


Blue Bell Camo N' Cream
It...looks like camo?
Blue Bell
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It’s been a rough couple of years for Texas’ favorite ice cream manufacturer. Last year, the legendary Brenham-based purveyor of Homemade Vanilla was forced to shutter its manufacturing plants after they were found to be contaminated with listeria, a nasty, often deadly bacteria. The factories have since reopened, and Blue Bell is making a comeback in a totally Texan kind of way.

Announced today via the creamery’s Instagram account, Blue Bell has debuted its newest flavor: Camo n’ Cream. According to the post, the new flavor will be a camouflage-inspired swirl of pistachio-almond, chocolate, and cream cheese ice creams, a combination that does not sound inherently awful.

Scope out the video below:

The Camo n’ Cream flavor is available in grocery stores starting today, just in case you need to appease any of the hunters or camouflage enthusiasts in your life.

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