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Chef Jonny Rhodes Is Bringing A ‘Dramatic’ New Restaurant To North Lindale

Indigo lands in January

An oxtail field sausage dish from Jensen Chronicles
Jensen Chronicles/Facebook
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After running his long-standing series of successful and innovative pop-up concepts, Chef Jonny Rhodes is setting down roots.

CultureMap reports that Rhodes will open a concept called Indigo at 515 Berry Road. The restaurant will serve a five-course tasting menu that focuses on Texas barbecue. The menu will focus on all things smoked meat — “everything from saucy East Texas to pepper-heavy Central Texas and the barbacoa of the Rio Grande Valley” — in addition to the sophisticated vegetal preparations Rhodes learned at spots like Oxheart.

In addition to the restaurant, Rhodes plans to build a garden adjacent to Indigo where he can grow produce and herbs for his dishes, along with potential plans to raise chickens and rabbits that will eventually end up on the plate.

Adding to the concept, dinner will also come with a show of sorts. “We want to it to be theatrical, we want it to be dramatic," Rhodes told CultureMap. “Everything is going to be set up so people can see over one another and be able to see into the kitchen. The kitchen is going to be a stage.”

Back in August, Rhodes launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise cash to officially land the space in North Lindale. The campaign is still active, and as of this morning, had raised more than $2,300 of its $3,600 goal.

Rhodes is currently shooting for a January opening.

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