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Melange Creperie Is Expanding To The Heights

Excellent news for thin pancake enthusiasts

Melange Creperie
Melange Creperie is moving to the big time
Melange Creperie
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Since making its debut in 2009, roving food cart Melange Creperie has become a beloved Houston eatery. Earlier this year, owners Sean Carroll and Tish Ochoa opened a kiosk at the Conservatory, but now the popular crepe spot is officially getting a brick and mortar home.

Announced via release, Melange Creperie’s first actual restaurant will open at Heights Mercantile, a “low-rise urban market district” that sits at the intersections of Heights Boulevard, Yale, and 7th Street. Compared to the original carte, Melange’s new home is going to be massive — the 1400 square foot space will feature a green space and patio, along with a small private event space.

In its bigger home, Melange Creperie will expand the menu to include salads, soups, sandwiches, and aguas fresca. Local coffees will also be on offer, along with some as yet unnamed “innovations” to their classic crepe formula.

The crepe cart used a Kickstarter campaign to raise cash to open its first brick and mortar location back in early 2015, which easily surpassed its $50,000 goal after local chefs like Adam Dorris and restaurateur Ricky Craig pitched in help.

Melange Creperie is expected to make its debut at Heights Mercantile in early 2017.