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Anthony Bourdain Thinks Houston’s Culinary Scene Is ‘Really Going To Surprise People’

Everyone except Houstonians

Anthony Bourdain/Facebook
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You already know that Anthony Bourdain spent part of the summer roving across Houston for its finest culinary and cultural offerings. Now, ahead of the Houston-focused episode of his CNN show Parts Unknown, Bourdain is bragging about what he found in Space City.

Appearing on CNN’s New Day yesterday to promote the show’s new season, Bourdain said that he thinks the Houston episode is “really going to surprise people.” What’s going to surprise people, exactly? “How diverse a city Houston is, how interesting the food is, and how welcoming to immigrants and refugees from all over the world the city of Houston is,” he says.

Check out the whole clip below:

Now, Bourdain isn’t telling the world anything Houstonians don’t already know, but considering this early praise, you may want to get to your favorite spots — scope out all the spots he visited here — before the crowds descend.

The Houston episode of Parts Unknown airs on CNN on October 30.

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