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Ronnie Killen Is Saying ‘I’m Sorry’ With 3,000 Pounds Of Free Burgers

Killen’s Burgers may have gotten off to a slow start, and he wants to make it right.

Your freebie won’t look exactly like this, but close.
Killen’s Burgers/Facebook
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If you’ve headed to Pearland to check out Killen’s Burgers, the latest restaurant offering from meatmeister Ronnie Killen, you may have found yourself a little disappointed. Perhaps you waited in line too long or your burger didn’t come out as juicy as you liked. Either way, Killen is ready to make it right.

CultureMap reports that Killen will host a meaty mea culpa in which he will give away 3,000 pounds of beef (in the form of burgers, of course) as a way to “apologize for past mistakes and invite people to revisit the restaurant.” The freebie burgers keep it pretty simple: a 5 ounce patty served on a potato roll with Killen’s special sauce. Killen hasn’t decided whether or not he’ll serve fries just yet, but you can bet that plenty of free beer will be on hand for the big day.

If you’ll remember back to earlier this month, a Facebook reviewer charged that he could make a better burger than the one he had at Killen’s, which resulted in a $10,000 cook-off challenge from the man himself. That challenge never went down, but perhaps this is Killen’s way of proving to everyone that he is, in fact, Houston’s king of meaty goodness.

The big burger giveaway will take place on October 8. You may want to go ahead and get in line now.

Free cheeseburgers: Ronnie Killen makes amends with plans to give away 3,000 pounds of meat [CultureMap]

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