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OMFG: The Houston Episode Of Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown Airs Next Month

H-Town is finally getting its shine

Bourdain & Slim Thugga
Anthony Bourdain/Facebook
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As you may recall from earlier this summer, your friendly Eater Houston staff was stalking Anthony Bourdain as he ate his way across Clutch City for his CNN show Parts Unknown. Now, we’ve finally got some intel on when the episode will air.

Per a press release from CNN, the H-Town episode of Bourdain’s show will air Sunday, October 30. Scope out the full description of the episode below:

Looking beyond oil, NASA, and football, Bourdain explores Houston’s diverse cultures, taking in a Bollywood-style dance in a grocery store, a Quinceañera in suburban Pasadena, and the city’s slab car parade, while making time for Viet-Bayou crawfish, East Texas barbecue, and a Congolese-Cajun stew.

The episode will likely feature scenes from Bourdain’s stops at Himalaya, Udipi Cafe, and the aforementioned "Bollywood-style dance" at Keemat Market. Be sure to visit your favorite haunts before they explode with popularity after the show airs.

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