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The Minds Behind Cooking Girl Are Bringing A New Chinese Spot To River Oaks

Prepare yourself for Pepper Twins

You won’t have to wait long to try this dish at Pepper Twins.
Pepper Twins/Facebook
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Outside of the incredible boom in Houston’s restaurant scene as of late, River Oaks has been an area of particular interest. The neighborhood is already home to some of the city’s most anticipated recent arrivals, like Le Colonial and Steak 48, and now it appears as if the scene is about to get even hotter.

The Houston Chronicle reports that Yunan Yang, owner of the massively popular Montrose spot Cooking Girl, will open Pepper Twins in River Oaks in the coming months. Her second concept, Yang describes the restaurant as a spot of “country style, organic Chinese” cuisine.

Yang was tight-lipped about what exactly the concept will look like, but does note that the new space will give her room to experiment with dishes that just weren’t possible in her tiny Montrose kitchen. If you’ve been to Cooking Girl, you know that these possibilities are going to be endless.

Pepper Twins will open later this month, around September 20, in the former Nam Noodles space at 1915 W. Gray.

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