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Try FM Burger’s Insane Bourbon Chocolate Milkshake Before It Arrives Later This Fall

A sneak peek at Houston’s wackiest new dessert

Look at this thing!
L. Robert Westeen
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With the announcement of FM Burger, you may have found yourself asking how Chef Ryan Hildebrand’s upscale cuisine at Triniti Restaurant would translate to a casual burger joint. By the looks of his first sneak peek at the concept’s dessert menu, it appears as if Hildebrand is settling in just fine.

Starting next week, you can score your first taste of FM Burger via its massive chocolate shake. Created by Triniti pastry chef Caroline Ramirez, the shake is topped with “toffee buckshot,” chunks of brownie, chocolate shortbread, multiple chocolate syrups, caramel, and whipped cream. Grown-ups can add a shot of bourbon for a dessert that packs a little punch.

This equally insane and intriguing libation hits the menu on Monday, September 12. Hildebrand has also been running the FM Burger as a special at Triniti during Happy Hour, which means that you’ll be able to try the most important components of this forthcoming concept before it makes its debut later this fall.

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