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Sports Illustrated’s Vibes Festival Will Bring Some Of The Country’s Best Chefs To Houston

Hugh Acheson, Graham Elliott and Tyson Cole will participate

Chris Shepherd in an apron.
Leave it to Chris Shepherd to put together a killer lineup
Julie Soefer
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You generally don’t think of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue and the country’s hottest chefs make for an iconic pairing, but this year’s inaugural Vibes fest could forever cement that duo in your mind.

Announced via release, Chef Chris Shepherd has curated a ridiculously solid selection of chefs to headline the first-ever Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Vibes Festival, headed to Houston on Friday, February 17. The fest will bring together music, swimsuit models, and food for a massive weekend of partying.

In addition to performances by Diplo and Miguel, the festival will feature cuisine from the likes of Tyson Cole (Uchi, Uchiko), Hugh Acheson, and Graham Elliot of MasterChef fame. The Pass & Provisions’ Terrence Gallivan and Seth Siegel Gardner will also hold down the fort for H-Town cuisine.

No word yet on what dishes each chef will be serving, but a ticket to the inaugural Vibes fest will run you anywhere from $35 for general admission to $250 for the full VIP experience.