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Chef Adam Dorris OUT At Pax Americana

He’ll now focus on opening Presidio

Pax Americana
There’s a new chef in charge at Pax Americana
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After two and a half years of serving up some of Houston’s most acclaimed dishes, Chef Adam Dorris is no longer working in the kitchen at Pax Americana.

The Houston Chronicle reports that Dorris resigned his post at the much-lauded restaurant yesterday. According to a statement provided by Dorris, he’ll continue to focus on Presidio, the concept that he’s working on with Charles Bishop.

As you’ll recall, Presidio was originally going to be 60 Pioneers, a collaboration between Bishop and Southern Goods’ Chef Lyle Bento. Back in October, Bento sued Bishop for $100,000, alleging financial fraud and accusing Bishop of using restaurant funds for personal expenses. That litigation is still pending, but apparently hasn’t hampered the progress of Presidio.

Dorris will be replaced at Pax Americana by former sous chef Martha de Leon, but there’s still no word yet on when you’ll be able to try his cuisine at Presidio, still set for an “early 2017” opening.