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Step Inside The New & Improved Kiran’s, Houston’s Favorite Spot For North Indian Cuisine

Biryani, tasting menus, and more await

Ellie Sharp/EHOU

The past nine months couldn’t move quick enough for loyal fans hankering after Kiran’s notable North Indian cuisine. The new space opened this past Thursday and though original plans intended it to be a dinner-only establishment, lunch became an immediate addition with locals filling seats as quickly as they emptied.

As far as the food is concerned, diners can choose from a menu of vegetarian sides including yellow lentils with baby spinach, okra with fresh coconut and handmade cheese with peppers, onions and tomatoes plus five variations on biryani and three daily tasting menus composed of six courses.

The three-part space includes a brighter dining room with lots of natural light thanks to expansive windows, a private event/extended space for busy nights and a large bar with ample seating at booths and stools. An oval wine cellar separates the bar from the main dining room and holds a private table for six available for reservations. Familiar touches remain from the former building and include signature artwork and musical instruments.

Step inside the new (and improved) Kiran’s courtesy of Eater photographer Ellie Sharp, then make your reservations post-haste.