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OMFG: Chef Chris Shepherd’s Much-Anticipated One Fifth Steak Has Arrived

Get those reservations made post haste, y’all.

One Fifth’s dining room
Julie Soefer Photography
Amy McCarthy is a reporter at, focusing on pop culture, policy and labor, and only the weirdest online trends.

The wait has been far too long, but good news is finally here: Chef Chris Shepherd’s ambitious new concept One Fifth, one of the country’s most anticipated new restaurants, is finally ready to make its Houston debut.

A representative for Shepherd tells Eater that One Fifth will officially kick open the doors for dinner service tomorrow evening in the former Mark’s American Cuisine space at 1658 Westheimer. Which should give its staff plenty of time to get in the groove before the crowds descend on Houston for Super Bowl LI.

As Shepherd told Eater’s Hillary Dixler, One Fifth could be a testing ground of sorts for future (permanent) concepts. "100 percent, all of these could be spin-offs into their own thing,” he says. Not all of them, but maybe one." The inaugural concept, One Fifth Steak, will serve up Shepherd’s vision for a steakhouse that focuses on sustainable meat sourcing.

“What happens to the rest of the animal if I just buy tenderloins?,” says Shepherd in a statement. “Growing up, my parents bought whole sides of beef. Even as I kid, I understood the importance of utilizing a whole animal. Yes, primal cuts are delicious, but all parts of the animal, if treated properly, are delicious. It’s how I cook at home, and it’s how we’re going to cook at One Fifth.”

As for how those meats will be handled in Shepherd’s kitchen, most will be grilled or seared in cast iron skillets, while a wood-fired oven will churn out “wood-roasted seafood, sides and desserts.” Also on offer is a raw bar, shaved Wagyu short rib, roasted oysters, and a selection of salads.

One Fifth is now currently taking reservations for the first night of dinner service, which will no doubt book up at breakneck speed. One Fifth will be open from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m., 7 days a week.