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Lucky Sushi Bar & Green Ceviche Will Bring Even More Raw Fish To Houston

The South Texas-based restaurants fuse Japanese and Hispanic cuisine

The Lucky Roll
Lucky Sushi Bar/Facebook
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Considering the bonafide poké boom that is happening in Houston right now, it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that Clutch City’s appetite for raw fish is only continuing to grow. Or at least that’s what two new concepts from South Texas are betting on.

The Houston Business Journal reports that Green Ceviche and Lucky Sushi Bar, two restaurants from South Texas, will soon make their way to Houston. The duo of new eateries will open next door to one another at 12555 Westheimer Road, joining outposts in McAllen, Edinburg, and Harlingen.

Green Ceviche focuses on an assembly-line, build-your-own version of the popular Peruvian dish of fish “cooked” in citrus juices, and the latter brings affordable while Lucky Sushi Bar will serve up “Hispanic-Japanese” fusion cuisine and (of course) a whole lot of sushi.

No specific opening timeline has yet been set for either Lucky Sushi Bar or Green Ceviche, but expect for both to land at some point this summer.