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You Can Now Order A $3,000 Glass Of Scotch At B&B Butchers

That Glenfiddich 50 better be as delicious as it is rare

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B&B Butchers/Facebook
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Scotch enthusiasts are no strangers to paying a hefty sum for their poison of choice, but a brand new offering at B&B Butchers just might break the bank for all but the highest of rollers.

A post to B&B Butchers’ Facebook page announces that the restaurant has acquired an allotment of Glenfiddich 50, only 50 bottles of which are released each year. For those not in the know, Glenfiddich 50 is blended and married for six months in an oak barrel, aged for 50 years in the distillery’s fanciest warehouse, then poured into hand-blown, individually-numbered bottles.

The cost of one bottle? Roughly $27,000 American dollars. If that price tag is a little too steep, you could empty your piggy bank for a 1.5 ounce pour of the spirit at B&B Butchers, will only set you back a measly $3,000, or roughly the cost of a non-scalped ticket to the Super Bowl.

No word from B&B Butchers on exactly how much of the Glenfiddich 50 is available but it’s obviously quite rare, so you’ll probably need to head there in a hurry if you’re interested in blowing a couple months rent on a few sips of booze.