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Houston Chronicle Trolls Readers With Truly Abhorrent Jack in the Box Taco Casserole

This is the food nightmares are made of

This is not the beginnings of an enchilada casserole.
Willis Lam/Flickr
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There’s something going on at the Houston Chronicle, and it’s not OK. Today, Food Editor Greg Morago has made a foray into the world of recipe writing, and the results are truly terrifying.

In a post pegged to the news that Americans consume millions of Jack In The Box tacos for no discernible reason at all, Morago doubles-down on the awfulness of this fast-food horror and prescribes a recipe for a Jack In The Box taco casserole, which involves smearing 20 of the fast-food chain’s tacos with enchilada sauce, smothering with cheese, and baking it in the oven.

The recipe not only is a hateful interpretation of a homemade Texas classic, the enchilada casserole, but also sounds truly harrowing to eat. What happens to those greasy tortillas during the baking process? Does the slice of cheese tucked inside congeal into a glob? These are questions that demand an answer.

But in case this “recipe” actually seems appealing to you, Morago offers a helpful tip: “If you're not going to make your casserole soon after buying your JIB tacos in bulk, remove them from the paper sacks and place in a large resealable plastic bag and refrigerate. The tacos tend to stick to the paper the longer they sit.”

Duly noted.