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Fluff Bake Bar Closes Temporarily Due to Water Damage

Commenters are asking how they can help

Fluff Bake Bar/Facebook

The crew at Fluff Bake Bar encountered a nasty surprise over the weekend: Owner and pastry chef Rebecca Masson posted on Facebook that water poured into the bakery from an apartment above, causing major damage and forcing her to shut things down for the moment.

“Everyone is safe and sound... we just experienced some ‘Harvey’ like rains in the bakery today right after we opened. There is extensive water damage therefore we will be closed for an undetermined amount of time,” she explained in a Facebook post. She went on to say: “I think a pipe burst. Still haven’t gotten the full story,” when a commenter asked how exactly this all went down.

So unfortunately, Fluff Bake Bar is out of commission for the moment. But Mason is plotting out how to get her sweets to the people in the interim. “Never fear,” she wrote on Facebook. “We will find a way to get you your treats very soon.”

Due to Harvey like rainstorm INSIDE the bakery, @fluffbakebar will be closed until further notice. Thank you!

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