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Mayor Turner Bets Killen’s Barbecue That the Astros Will Win the World Series

Staking the city’s reputation on baseball and barbecue

A meat tray with brisket, sausage, a beef rib, and pork ribs, surrounded by sides, including mac and cheese, creamed corn, beans, barbecue sauce, and trays of jalapenos and onions.
Killen's BBQ
Kimberly Park
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As with many major sporting events like the World Series, Houston mayor Sylvester Turner has bet his counterpart in Los Angeles that the Astros are going to win, and he’s putting a care package of Killen’s barbecue and beer where his mouth is.

Via Twitter, Turner announced that he would ship a package of ribs from Killen’s Barbecue and beer from Saint Arnold Brewing Company if the Los Angeles Dodgers manage to win the World Series. In Response, Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti says that he plans to ship a package of Korean barbecue and unspecified Korean brews to Turner if (and hopefully, when) the Astros bring home the pennant.

"Of course, we offered him Killen's Barbecue and Saint Arnold's beer from here, and Killen's Barbecue is delicious, but I don't intend for him to taste it,” Turner told reporters at a press conference. “He's gonna have to come to Houston to enjoy Killen's. He's a good friend, but look, what Hurricane Harvey could not do, and what the Yankees could not do, the LA Dodgers won't do. We're Houston strong, Houston proud.”

Here’s hoping that Garcetti has to make his way to Houston with armfuls of kalbi and bulgogi. Go ‘Stros.