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Pastor Rudy Rasmus Will Open A Soul Food Taco Trailer

Beyonce’s pastor will serve tacos outside his Heights coffee shop

First coffee, now tacos
Pastor Rudy Rasmus/Facebook
Amy McCarthy is a reporter at, focusing on pop culture, policy and labor, and only the weirdest online trends.

After opening his charitable coffee shop, Pastor Rudy Rasmus is now getting into the taco business.

Rasmus and his wife Juanita are set to bring Soul Taco, a brand new food truck, to the parking lot of his Heights coffee shop. According to a Facebook page created for the new venture, the truck will stay parked outside Throughgood Coffee, serving up tortilla-wrapped delights that will “merge the best in soul food with the best in traditional tacos.”

Back in April, Rasmus made his first foray into the industry with the opening of Throughgood Coffee. In addition to serving up lattes and Americanos, the shop benefits Rasmus’ work with Houston’s homeless population and formerly incarcerated men and women. Rasmus has also long served as spiritual advisor to Beyonce Knowles-Carter, who worked with the pastor to distribute Hurricane Harvey aid. And, as Eater noted before the shop’s debut, Tina Lawson (mother of Beyoncé, of course) has already given Throughgood her ever-important stamp of approval.

Soul Taco will begin serving on November 4, with plans for a more regular schedule of business hours to start up in December.