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Downtown’s Spaghetti Warehouse Still Assessing the Damage from Hurricane Harvey

It’s not (necessarily) over yet

Spaghetti Warehouse/Yelp

Hurricane Harvey did quite a number on Spaghetti Warehouse, the Italian-American spot that has been operating downtown for decades. While unsubstantiated reports on Facebook said that the pasta-serving mini-chain would close down for good (which have since been proved false), the fate of Houston’s beloved Spaghetti Warehouse is somewhat uncertain.

KHOU reports that the company is still figuring out whether or not they can reopen in their historic downtown location (while the restaurant has been there since the ‘70s, the building itself was built in the 1900s.) That said, the mini chain restaurant has no plans of leaving Houston itself — if they can’t reopen at 901 Commerce, they’ll relocate elsewhere in the city.

Damage to the Commerce Street location was severe — a basement concrete wall was knocked out and within, furniture is mud-covered and wall art is ruined.

The downtown location is also reportedly haunted, so it will be a real shame if the company has to relocate to another spot.