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Thieves Hand Out Stolen Doughnuts to Customers After Robbing Shipley’s

The suspects traded victims’ cell phones in exchange for a pilfered doughnut

Shipley Donuts
Shipley Donuts
Amy McCarthy is a reporter at, focusing on pop culture, policy and labor, and only the weirdest online trends.

Last month, three masked men robbed a Shipley Do-Nuts outpost, and decided to put at least a little good karma in the bank by handing out stolen doughnuts to customers in the store.

The robbery went down on October 16, when three men wearing hoodies and face coverings stormed into an undisclosed Shipley Do-Nuts location, reports KXAN. One of the men was reportedly carrying a gun, and jumped over the counter to demand cash out of the register. Another of the thieves collected cell phones from the few customers in the pastry shop, and passed out doughnuts as a “sorry for robbing you!” of sorts.

The three men involved in the robbery have not been identified, and no arrests have been made. The Houston Police Department released footage of the robbery, taken by the security cameras inside Shipley’s, in hopes of obtaining more leads. Unfortunately, it probably won’t be able to provide much detail, largely because these arguably generous thieves are almost entirely covered.