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Brewery News: Saint Arnold Is Offering Beer for Life Memberships and More

The Saint Arnold Beer Garden will open in 2018

Saint Arnold

Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company’s gigantic new brewery isn’t the only exciting thing in the works for Houston’s brewers. Here are a few more brewery developments around town to know about:

Houston institution Saint Arnold Brewing Company is set to open a beer garden in 2018 that will be located next to the existing brewery on Lyons Street. It will be open seven days a week to showcase current beers, special barrels, and beers in development — all in a pet-friendly, outdoor environment decorated with murals by local artists.

To coincide with the opening of the Saint Arnold Beer Garden, the brewery's founder Brock Wagner is inviting folks to join the Saint Arnold Society. A one-time membership fee of $1,000 gets you perks like a free beer with each visit, a handmade engraved pewter mug stored at the Beer Garden, hard hat access to the site during construction, and more. The number of memberships in the Saint Arnold Society is limited, and the membership lasts for a lifetime. That means free beer for life. Sign up at the brewery or via this link.

Saint Arnold Brewing Company

Saint Arnold Brewing Company

2000 Lyons Avenue, , TX 77020 (713) 686-9494 Visit Website