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Liberty Kitchen’s Garden Oaks Location Shutters

Construction and Hurricane Harvey played major roles in the restaurant’s demise

So long, Liberty Kitchen Garden Oaks
Ellie Sharp
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Just over a year after opening its doors, the Liberty Kitchen outpost in Garden Oaks has shuttered.

The restaurant ties its closure to extensive construction on Alba Road, which began causing problems just a few months after Liberty Kitchen opened in Garden Oaks. “From late 2016 to mid-2017, construction in the street on which the restaurant is located and surrounding areas severely impacted accessibility to LKGO. This, in turn, created a months-long drop in traffic and revenue,” said ownership group F.E.E.D. TX in a statement. “We debuted a new menu, a new beer garden and a new parking lot in an effort to revitalize patronage.”

Not surprisingly, Hurricane Harvey also played a significant role in the location’s demise. The financial strain we experienced early on is one we were unable to recover from in the longer run. Hurricane Harvey served as an additional financial hurdle company-wide, as it did for so many restaurants around Houston. Taking all of this into consideration, we made the tough decision to close our doors.”

Liberty Kitchen’s three other Houston-area locations are not impacted by the closure. The restaurant also says that its employees will have the opportunity to transfer to positions at F.E.E.D. TX’s other restaurants.