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Trendy Thai Ice Cream Shop Rolls Into Montrose With Dessert Tacos

Dallas-based chain Chills 360 is expanding to Houston

This dessert was totally created for Instagram
Chills 360/Facebook
Amy McCarthy is a reporter at, focusing on pop culture, policy and labor, and only the weirdest online trends.

Next year, Dallas-based ice cream shop Chills 360 will bring its uber-trendy Thai-style ice cream rolls to Montrose.

The sweet shop is expected to open in a new development at 903 Westheimer, reports CultureMap. There, it will be joined by fellow Dallas exports Velvet Taco and East Hampton Sandwich Company, in what appears to be a takeover of the neighborhood staged from the north that started when Cane Rosso opened its doors in Montrose.

Chills 360 is known for its Thai ice cream rolls, which are frozen on super-chilled plates and scraped into their characteristic shape before being arranged into a cup and piled with toppings. Or, instead of the cup, a freshly-prepared waffle taco can be filled with ice cream. In Dallas, the chain offers both traditional and experimental flavors, like a pitch-black coconut ash ice cream that was was introduced as a limited-edition offering earlier this year.

Chills 360 is expected to make its Houston debut in Spring 2018, likely sometime around March. Stay tuned for an official opening date.