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A Seriously Exciting New Asian Restaurant Development Will Open On Bellaire

Bellaire Food Street will welcome nine food and drink vendors next summer

Meet Fresh/Facebook

As of next summer, Bellaire Food Street will bring an exciting new slate of restaurants to Chinatown, all focused on Asian cuisine.

Developer and landlord Kevin Kan has just broken ground on the complex at 9393 Bellaire Blvd, which will be offering 24,000 square-feet of space divided among nine vendors. When the complex opens in 2018, it’ll house Asian cuisines from countries like Taiwan, China, Korea, and Japan, including a 10,000 square-foot food hall, which will “have the feeling of an alley way in Japan,” says Kan.

Kan couldn’t divulge most of the tenants’ names, as leases haven’t been finalized, but he told Eater that diners can expect:

  • The Kitchen District, a food hall serving Korean and Japanese street food like fried chicken along with sushi, poke, and ramen.
  • Meet Fresh, a Taiwanese dessert spot serving taro ball bowls and shaved ice, which has locations in Dallas and Southern California with more planned for Manhattan, Las Vegas, and Chicago.
  • An as-yet-unnamed Hong Kong fast casual eatery featuring a rotating daily menu of 20 or less grab-and-go items.

“In Houston, when people think of Chinatown, they think of all different kinds of Asian food. We wanted to create an atmosphere where people can experience and feel comfortable with any of the restaurants they go to,” says Kan. “We wanted to offer diners menus with names that are easily recognizable and not intimidating, so whether they’re from Houston or the LA-area or from Asian countries, they’re familiar with it.”

Stay tuned for more details on Bellaire Food Street’s full list of tenants and an official opening date.

Courtesy Bellaire Food Street