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Pho Hung Makes Triumphant Return to Asiatown

The Houston noodle icon is back

Steaming bowls of pho await
Mai Pham

Eighteen months after the original Pho Hung — the acclaimed pho joint on Bellaire Boulevard that received a two-star rating from Houston Chronicle food critic Alison Cook in 2013— closed down, the beloved spot for a steaming bowl of broth and noodles has reemerged.

The restaurant made its debut this week in the Saigon Houston Plaza on Bellaire Boulevard, just across the street from its former location. The new Pho Hung occupies a freshly renovated strip-mall space that boasts a clean, contemporary look in shades of white and gray. “We sold in May 2016 because my mom was sick,” says Christy Le, who works alongside her father, Lap Le, in the kitchen while her mom — whose health has obviously improved — presides over the front of the house.

Famous for being the first pho joint in Houston to offer pho tai be, or pho with thinly sliced veal on the side, the restaurant currently offers four different bowl sizes: X-Large, Large, Small and Baby. The usual variety of meat options are available for customization: tai (filet mignon), chin (well done brisket), gau (fatty brisket), gan (soft tendon), nam (well done flank), nam ve don (skirt flank), sach (beef tripe), bo vien (beef meatballs), along with premium veal, oxtail, and more.

In addition to beef pho, Pho Hung also serves pho ga (chicken pho) and bun bo hue. Pair whichever bowl you choose with their ultra-smooth cafe sua da, or Vietnamese iced coffee. The restaurant, located at 10613 Bellaire Boulevard, is now open for regular business hours.