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Chron Critic Counts Up a Dozen Best New Restaurants, and Number One Isn’t a Surprise

Well, hello, Xochi 


Houston Chronicle food critic Alison Cook's love affair with Xochi continues. Cook just called out her favorite new restaurants of the year, and even though she insists it’s not a top 10 list, Chef Hugo Ortega’s Xochi still gets the number one spot. The Oaxacan restaurant won the top honor for Cook’s best 100 Houston restaurants back in September too.

Xochi had a heck of a debut year, winning accolades from Eater critic Bill Addison as well.

In the Chronicle’s number two slot is Aqui, the new restaurant from Paul Qui, who is still facing assault charges. "One can argue in good faith that it's wrong to patronize Paul Qui's restaurant," Cook writes. "What cannot be argued is the thrilling fare being produced by Qui's Houston chef de cuisine, Gabriel Medina, who with his work here leaps right into the top tier of Houston talents."

Chris Shepherd's rotating restaurant One Fifth gets props for both its formats this year. The buzzy Theodore Rex makes the list, as do more casual spots like Maba Pan-Asian Diner and Pinkerton's Barbecue. Read the entire list to see all 12 of Cook's favorite 2017 restaurant newcomers.


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