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Presidio Opening Tomorrow in Houston Heights

Even legal drama couldn’t stop the opening of this highly anticipated restaurant


Long-awaited Presidio finally has an opening date, and it’s tomorrow, Saturday February 11, at 2pm. Thanks, Instagram — and an eagle-eyed Facebooker — for the heads up.

“Long-awaited” almost doesn’t cover all the drama/news/buzz surrounding this spot, to be perfectly honest. A new spot called 60 Pioneers was planned (and under construction) from the duo behind Southern Goods — and then chef/co-owner Lyle Bento filed a lawsuit against his biz partner Charles Bishop. Though the legal drama didn’t hinder the progress of Presidio.

In the meantime, Bento left the project — which had been rebranded as Presidio — and Chef Adam Dorris left his gig at Pax Americana to lead the menu at Presidio. Got all that? Good.

The menu is “Texas-inspired,” while the interior is all repurposed wood and mood lighting. There is also lots of greenery, from front patio planters to a garden already in bloom.

The opening of the Houston Heights restaurant is being fêted by Heapin’ Helpin’ as well as Geoffrey’s Electric Banjo Band.