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Plumbing Woes Halt Ramen Tatsu-Ya’s Soft Opening [UPDATED]

The grand opening is still planned for Monday...for now

Courtesy Ramen Tatsu-Ya
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Today, the noodle whizzes at Ramen Tatsu-Ya should have been preparing for the restaurant’s official grand opening on Monday. Instead, problems with the building have officially put the ramen shop’s soft opening on hold.

A post to Ramen Tatsu-Ya’s Instagram account announces that the restaurant has been forced to close its doors “until further notice” due to plumbing problems with the building. The post suggests that the problems may be minor, saying that the restaurant hopes to have them resolved “ASAP.”

Scope out the sad news below:

Today would have been Ramen Tatsu-Ya’s second day of soft opening, which was originally scheduled to run through tomorrow. The opportunity to try the much-lauded ramen at 50% off was tempting for ramen enthusiasts, and if Instagram is any indication, plenty of noodleheads got their Tatsu-Ya fix before the restaurant was forced to close.

Eater has reached out to Ramen Tatsu-Ya for more details on the plumbing problems, and whether or not the issues will impact the restaurant’s official grand opening, originally scheduled for Monday, February 20.

UPDATE, 2/17 2:52 p.m.: A representative for Ramen Tatsu-Ya tells Eater that the team is hopeful that the plumbing issues will be resolved today, and that current plans are still to open the restaurant’s doors to the public on Monday.

UPDATE, 2/20, 7:00 a.m.: An update to Ramen Tatsu-Ya’s Instagram account indicates that the grand opening will go forward as planned on Monday. The doors kick open at 11 a.m.