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The Opening Of The First Houston-Area Carlo’s Bakery Apparently Did Not Go Well

Long lines and lots of disorganization made for unhappy pastry fans

At least these folks got pastry + face time
Carlo’s Bakery/Facebook
Amy McCarthy is a reporter at, focusing on pop culture, policy and labor, and only the weirdest online trends.

Since learning that the New Jersey-based sweet shop made famous by TV’s Cake Boss was en route to Houston, local pastry enthusiasts patiently waited for their first taste of Carlo’s Bakery. Unfortunately, that didn’t go quite as planned.

Posts from excited fans quickly began to flood social media, and they turned negative even faster as hours-long lines formed at The Woodlands Mall, where Carlo’s Bakery made its debut. Many fans, some of whom had arrived at 5 a.m. for a glimpse of Cake Boss star Buddy Velastro and pastries, reported being treated rudely by mall staff and waiting for hours without a chance to meet the star or buy any pastries.

“So disappointed with the way this was handled. I understand this is the mall's fault but still frustrating for someone who drove an hour and half and then stood in line for two hours only to be told that we couldn't get in,” reads one Facebook comment that echoes most complaints from fans, angry that they didn’t get the chance to snap a selfie with the man himself.

This woman, in particular, was pissed about the whole experience.

The issue, though, largely doesn’t appear to be with the staff at Carlo’s Bakery. In fact, most comments on social media point to poor planning and shoddy crowd management on behalf of mall employees. “Mall security was extremely rude! From the little old man guard to that horrible woman security witch.,” reads another Facebook comment. “They could have handled it so much better! The screaming and threatening to call the police at a crowd that was very peaceful.”

Fortunately, it appears as if no one was arrested for any cannoli-related crimes, but don’t expect for the lines to die down at Carlo’s any time soon.