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Houston Japanese Favorite Izakaya Will Soon Debut A Delicious New Ramen Menu

Korean and Mexican-inspired bowls are in the works

Kimchi ramen at Izakaya
Courtesy Izakaya
Amy McCarthy is a reporter at, focusing on pop culture, policy and labor, and only the weirdest online trends.

Already known for its killer take on Japanese fare, Izakaya is officially throwing its hat into the ring of Houston’s burgeoning ramen scene with a brand new menu.

Announced via release, Chef Jean Philippe Gaston will soon introduce six new noodle-based options, and this isn’t going to be your average ramen. In addition to classic miso and shoyu broths, diners will also be able to score a bowl of Mexican-inspired menudo ramen, Korean-inspired kimchi noodles, and mazemen (translation: broth is served on the side for dipping) served with chicken, mushrooms, and brandy-cured foie gras.

The ramen menu will make its debut at Izakaya on March 1, at which time bowls will be served at $12-$14 each. But on March 11, the restaurant will serve up each new option for just $5 in celebration of National Noodle Day. Made-up food holidays are generally terrible, but nobody will judge you for taking advantage in order to score a cheap bowl of ramen.